Music Videos:





[1.] Eightcubed LIVE at Hot Planet

[2.]  Interview with Guitar Justice Magazine

[3.] 2nd spot on CJAM 90.9 FM radio chart top 30 (Windsor/Detroit)  

[4.] Eightcubed on Far North Sound

[5.] "Sheath & Beyond" EP out now on   

[6.]  Eightcubed vs. Dragonette - (Let it Go Remix)

[7.] Music Video "Enter Light" directed by Andrea Simone  

[8.] 4th spot on CJSW 90.9 FM Radio chart (Calgary)  

[9.] Kiss Chaser out for free download

[10.] New song Star Struck from upcoming album

[11.] Music review on B-Electro

[12.] Eightcubed vs. The Ramones - (BlitzKrieg Bop Remix)

 [13.] 17th spot on CIUT 89.5 FM Top 30 Radio chart (Toronto)

[14.] Radio interview at Hi Hill Recordings 88.3 FM (Detroit)

[15.] Photo shoot with Leigh Righton at Mad Mannequin

[16.] 3rd spot on CKXU 88.3 FM Radio chart (Lethbridge)

[17.] Eightcubed sets to perform for Arts & Fashion Week

[18.] Track Review for "Promise Me" on RCRD LBL  

[19.] Photo shoot with photographer Sylvanna D'Angelo

[20.] Eightcubed "Heart Invaders" video highlighted at the HD Film Festival

[21.] Music interview with Hugh Reily and Svea Vikander on (Toronto)

[22.] 3rd spot on CHUO 89.1 FM Radio chart (Ottawa)

[23.] Music Video "Heart Invaders" created by Dan Swan

[24.] 8th spot on CJLO 1690AM Concordia University Radio chart (Montreal)

[25.] Interview with Toronto's NOW magazine

[26.] Album Review for "Simple Dance" by Cue Mix Magazine (Berlin)